It’s Really Not That Bad…

The first time I told my parents that I was choosing to live with seven girls this year, their jaws dropped to the floor and quickly responded “why

It started with my parents, then my family, then my friends.. WHY would you EVER choose to live with that many girls? Specifically ones you didn’t even know! Are you insane!?

Girls are scary! They’re bitchy for periods of time, they don’t usually get along in big groups like this, there were bound to be issues! It was just a matter of time until I hated my living situation and hated every single person in the house. I was harassed by my family and friends for months telling me how big of a mistake living with girls I didn’t know would be.

Turns out they were right.

Totally joking. I’ve never been so close with so many girls. I’ve never genuinely loved each and every individual in this house so much.

For those who know me, I don’t get along with girls very well. I feel judged, they hate me I hate them etc. It’s been a cycle for years. I’ve never been one for drama or confrontation but girls have just never liked me very much. I’m very standoffish so its not very frequent people come up to me and start a conversation.

So, this house has been an eye opener for me. How did I, Victoria, become good, close friends with SIX girls?? How did they like me back???

Anyways, this post is about the perks of living with so many girls and not how it’s ghastly that so many people actually like me 🙂

Obviously there are issues that EVERY house has…. dishes piling up, garbage not being taken out, floors not being vacuumed and hair accumulating in CLUMPS…. all the unnecessary chores that take WAY too much time and effort are always ignored by all seven of us. That is until someone goes on a giant cleaning spree and suddenly the house is brand new again!

Besides the obvious problems, I’m happy to report that this drama-free house is living happily ever after.

Back to the point. What are the perks you may be wondering? What perks come from living with 7 girls?


Every girl everywhere has borrowed a piece of clothing from their roommate, sister, best friend, etc. When you live with seven girls, there are SEVEN closets to look through. Going out for the fourth night in a row and you’ve run out of outfits? Go raid the six others that are available to you! Easy access to any look that you might be going for.

This leads into another great thing… there’s a 1/6 chance that AT LEAST one person will come to the bar with you on any given night!


even just join you at the kitchen table to binge drink and watch whatever is on TV that night, whether it be the bachelor or a heartbreaking episode of Greys.

In the last year I’ve become pretty obsessed with makeup, constantly trying out new products and new techniques to improve the outcome of my face. Luckily I also live with a few girls who have the same addiction and let me borrow all their palettes, highlighters, and any pretty lipstick I like. Of course in return they borrow my stuff and its just a great little thing we got going on.

One thing I hate is being lonely. I don’t like sitting alone in my room for hours on end and being antisocial. I choose to sit at the kitchen table every day, do my homework, watch TV, etc. During these consecutive hours, someone from the house will come and sit with me while they cook, join me watching TV, or just sit down and have a conversation about their day. I love that. I love not feeling alone in the house.

No matter what is going on in your life, there’s always someone there to listen to your day and to talk about your concerns with. I’ve never felt judged by any of them, and I wouldn’t ever judge them in return.

Surrounding yourself with positive, happy people can make all the difference in your life. This year has been one of my greatest because of the people I’m living with.

My family and friends thought I was insane to live with this many people, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

I’m proud to be able to call such a great group of girls my friends and housemates.



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