First Time in Years

2017 marks the first year since grade 7 that I will not have a valentine for February 14th.

I know I know… how in the world is that something to complain about? What could possibly be so wrong in your life? But, the fact that I’m happy and that I’m okay with this, I’m honestly excited to see what it’s going to be like this year!

Valentines day has become just another day on the calendar

…this year at least.

Yes, it’s a little strange to think that on the “most romantic” day of the year, I won’t be spending it with anyone… but it’s truly for the better as I get to discover what its like to be on my own. I get to better myself! While also saving my money, time, and effort 🙂

So, what will I do instead? Originally I was thinking of cuddling up in my bed with a couple Nicholas Sparks movies, a bottle of wine, and maybe ritz cheese sandwiches (guilty pleasure snack), while of course complaining to myself about how lonely this day is and how dumb my entire life is.

Then I realized my self worth, discovered I’m not the least bit lonely, and instead I’ve decided to attend my late ass Tuesday seminar until 8pm, go home and cook a nice pasta dinner with my roommates, and obviously include that beautiful bottle of wine. I’d even be down to go see fifty shades darker just because every girl needs a little bit of Christian Grey in their life 😉

The possibilities are endless.

Literally there are unlimited activities to do on Valentines day to keep your single self occupied if you need it. Google really helps with that one… most of them suggest the inclusion of alcoholic drinks and some friends.

You could…

  1. Plan a night in with your friends
  2. Plan a girls night out (on a Tuesday yes)
  3. Hit up the movies
  4. Bake/cook your favourite foods and have a potluck
  5. Go for a mini road trip!
  6. Pamper yourself whether it be a face mask or a trip to the spa
  7. Play a board game
  8. Go for a gym class offered at the school
  9. Binge watch your favourite TV shows
  10. Just drink together

The first time alone in seven years is a little scary, but I’m mostly excited to see what it’s like to be on the other side of the spectrum. Valentines day is a hard thing to believe in anyways since your S.O. should be doing these things more than one day out of the year, but I do understand why it’s so widely loved by mass amounts of people.

No, I am not anti-valentines day now. No, I am not the least bit bitter about spending it alone.

Like I said, it’s just another day out of the year.

There are many more people to show love for on Valentines day other than a boyfriend/girlfriend and I plan to spoil my closest friends in warm feelings for the day.

In conclusion, don’t wallow in yourself if you’re spending the day alone!! It’s not that special. Just an excuse for couples do to something out of the ordinary one day a year.

I’m genuinely excited for the day I have planned out for next Tuesday, but if anyone needs a valentine… lowkey hit a girl up can’t ruin the streak now lol


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