The Rebellious Teen Years

Okay, so a tiny disclaimer to the misleading title… I wasn’t actually what one would picture as a “rebel” child, rather I was more of a teenaged girl who didn’t tell her parents the entire story 🙂

It started when I was about 16 years old. Where I’m from, you can officially get piercings without parental consent at this age. My parents were always against piercings. Telling me that they leave ugly scars on your body, you regret them for years afterwards, and all that other typical crap they throw at you. I however, thought they were cool. I loved how beautifully you could decorate your ears with sterling silver whether it be on your daith, industrial, forward conch, or your rook. I wanted them all.

When I was five I had my ears pierced, just the simple lobe piercing everyone had. This remained the same until I FINALLY convinced my mom to let me get my second hole done when I was halfway through being 16. So, a friend and I headed to Claire’s in the mall and we got my seconds done! I was in love, and this was the start of an addiction.

I started looking up every possible piercing I could get done. I’d run popular ones by my parents like my nose, or my cartilage, or even my belly button and the answer was always a straight up “no, its ugly”. This left me constantly disappointed. I was sixteen, I could do this without their permission! Sometimes I’d even threaten that & in return they’d threatened my life (not actually though).

So, to prove a point and get what I wanted, I went and I got my web pierced. For those who are unfamiliar with the anatomy of their bodies, it’s that piece of skin that connects the bottom of your tongue to the floor of your mouth. It’s hidden, its not easily noticed, and it definitely wasn’t anything that my parents would suspect.

I went to some sketchy shop in Kensington market with my friends and I got it done for $10 on a Saturday. 100% worth it! The piercing itself didn’t hurt, I bled a little bit but other than that it was a 3/10 on the pain scale. The healing process however, was a little more intolerable since I couldn’t put much pressure on my tongue for about a week. This meant it was rough to brush my tongue in the morning, and eating solid foods was slightly painful. Once it was fully healed, which was after about 2-3 weeks, things were great.

Months went by and my parents never noticed. In this time, I became a bit of a liar. I’d lie about what I was doing that night with my friends. I’d claim that I was just sleeping at a friends house, but really I’d be going to some party and getting slightly intoxicated. I’d lie about where I was sleeping sometimes but I’m sure my parents weren’t as stupid as I thought they were at the time and knew the entire time what I was really doing. At the same time, I was also a really good kid! I had amazing grades, I went to school, didn’t skip class, I did my chores when I was told, I chauffeured my siblings around in my car when I was asked, I worked A LOT to save money… they had no reason to believe I was a little out of control.

Then things took a complete 180 and shit got real. When I was weeks away from turning seventeen, I got my bellybutton pierced. I was able to keep it hidden from my parents for three weeks until my mom spotted it under one of my shirts.

It’s safe to say I’ve never been more scared for my life.

Immediately my car was taken away from me, I was grounded for a month, my parents stopped paying for my phone bill, they had completely cut me off from all funds. They even took away my phone for two weeks to teach me a lesson, and handed me a FLIP PHONE in case of an emergency and I needed to contact them. Of course I took the piercing out right away but that didn’t stop my parents from punishing me. I was terrified they’d find out about my web piercing as well, so I took that out for a few days just in case. They asked multiple times if I had other piercings they should know about and I was persistent in saying no.

Eventually my grounding was over. I was angry with my parents for “overreacting” so much, but it was a month and I lived. At one point, I was so angry that I convinced my friend to come with me to get my nipples pierced (another hidden piercing), but thank god the shop was closed and I never ended up getting them done. That would have been an interesting story.

The relationship between my parents and I finally healed and my parents were starting to trust me again.

About a year after I had gotten my web pierced, I was sitting at the kitchen table for dinner, laughing with my parents when all of a sudden my mom gave me a look, and the entire table went silent for what felt like hours.

I knew she saw my mouth. I knew I was in for another round of grounding, my face went white. I didn’t know what to say and I definitely didn’t know what to expect.

Of course my parents were disappointed in me, but this time was different. They didn’t necessarily ground me, but they stopped paying for my gas and other necessities again until I took it out. It took me two weeks to finally remove it, and two weeks after the removal, my parents FINALLY started helping me out again with some funds.

It took a long time for my parents to trust me again. I stopped lying to them at this point too and I was mostly honest about what I was doing on my Friday and Saturday nights.

Its been years since I’ve done something like that and I still hear about it. Now they threaten not paying my tuition, helping out with my wedding, etcetera if I ever get a tattoo – which is something I don’t think I could ever do because that type of commitment is TOO much…

Although I miss my web piercing terribly, I’ve definitely matured since then and don’t ever plan on getting anything else on my body pierced.

Moral of the story is don’t deceive your parents. Don’t lie. Don’t get piercings without their permission.

Makes for much happier teenaged/early adulthood years 🙂


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